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Priority Payment Systems LocalTM

Your Leading Payment Processing and FinTech Company With a Local Touch

Since its inception, Priority had to demonstrate vision and thought leadership, capable of guiding merchants and distribution partners across a vast range of payment and payment-adjacent opportunities. Additionally, its seasoned team of executives have retained the focus on exceptional customer service and partner values that have been the bedrock of the business from the beginning.

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MXTM QuickBooks Sync

Sync Payment Data to QuickBooks Online Automatically

Manually tracking sales data can become an accounting nightmare. With MX™ QuickBooks Sync, merchants can synchronize financial data from the MX™ Merchant payment platform to Intuit’s QuickBooks Online tool. MX™ QuickBooks Sync automatically updates daily transaction data to QuickBooks Online, including all transactions, customer information, invoices, and more such as the following with automatic updates:

  1. Customer Information
  2. Invoice
  3. Payment Data
  4. Historical Data
  5. Automatic Scheduling
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