8 Business Tips: Getting Your Small Business Holiday Ready

Due to COVID-19, research has shown that consumers are planning to shop earlier than ever this year with the launch of the 10.10 shopping festival (a festival centered around revitalizing the retail industry). But, holiday planning so soon?

Apple picking season is in full effect here in NJ and pumpkin spice everything is what’s popular, but in just a few weeks we’ll be carving turkey and singing Christmas carols. Yes, now is the time to get your small business ready for the holidays.

Read on for eight actionable business tips you can start following to help you have a successful holiday season.

  1. Reflect on last year’s holiday season.

Before you begin considering what the holidays will look like for your business this year, take some time to reflect on your holiday season from last year. Consider:

  • Which products were your best sellers.
  • What worked and what did not work.
  • What you could have done differently.

Use this information to set your goals for the new season and improve processes. Due to COVID-19, holiday shopping this year is expected to be different. As a result, adding an online ordering element to a company website is going to be a must for many businesses. Speak with a member of our team to learn what your options are.

online shopping

  1. Organize your promotions early.

Start getting ideas together for what your holiday promotions will be and when they will run. Consumers have come to rely on their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but there are other holidays that could be used as promotion opportunities:

  • Small Business Saturday on 11/28
  • Giving Tuesday on 12/1
  • First Day of Winter on 12/21
  • Hanukkah beginning on 12/22
  • Christmas Eve on 12/24
  • Christmas on 12/25
  • New Year’s Eve on 12/31
  • New Year’s Day on 1/1
small business saturday

  1. Plan your marketing campaigns.

Typically, your marketing campaigns this time of year will be focused around your holiday promotions. Show your prospects why they should shop from you this holiday season and don’t just assume they will because they have in the past. Perhaps you have a great purchase with purchase or will be donating a portion of sales to a charity. What sets you apart from your competitors?

The channels you may want to use to promote your campaigns could include:

  • Email
  • Blogging – consider offering a holiday gift guide
  • Updated landing pages
  • Web banners on your homepage
  • Social media posts that utilize engaging images and videos
  • Social media advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Print advertising
  • Events

Depending on your business, you may also want to try these broad ideas to help build some excitement around your brand and generate new sales.

  • Hold a virtual holiday glam webinar that provides prospects with makeup tips using pallets they can buy from your store. At the end of the webinar, entice webinar attendees to make a purchase by offering a discount when they shop within the following 48 hours.
  • Offer a free wine education class, promoting a holiday favorite wine of course.
  • Give your Facebook followers an exclusive look into how a certain type of cookie is made at your bakery.
  • Schedule photos with Santa at your pet shop for $10, donating the profits to a local charity. As a bonus: everyone who attends gets a 10 percent off coupon to make a purchase at your shop that day.

  1. Order supplies.

Extra shipping supplies may be a must for your business. Or perhaps you’d like to offer festive shopping bags. Start ordering your holiday supplies now.

Don’t forget to order gift cards or sign up for a gift card program like the one we have here at Priority Payments Local. Few products over the past decade have resonated with consumers like gift cards have. As plastic came to replace writing checks for most consumers, gift cards also came to replace paper certificates. Consumers have come to expect gift cards as a standard product available at virtually any business. So why not give the customer what they want?

Loyalty cards programs are also a must and can help continue to grow your revenue well into the following year and beyond. As noted by the Harvard Business Review, companies that have a strong loyalty marketing grow revenue 2.5 times faster than their competitors and generate 100 to 400 percent higher returns to shareholders.

Request a Gift or Loyalty Card Quote

Additional supplies may include:

  1. Hire and train new staff.

Start seeking out, interviewing, and hiring seasonal staff. If you will need to hire more than several employees, consider holding a career day. Just because unemployment is higher this year than it has been in former years, does not mean seasonal hiring is going to be easy.

“We’ve experienced pockets of the country where it was very difficult to hire,” says Jennifer Lemcke, chief operating officer of Weed Man USA, a lawn-care franchisor who was quoted in a Monster article. Also as noted in the article, Weed Man had difficulty hiring in Detroit, MI when unemployment was very high.

“The catch in these conditions is that extensions of federal and state jobless benefits have made many workers eligible to collect benefits for a long time, reducing the motivation to find work, according to Mark Perry, a professor of economics at University of Michigan in Flint.”

business tips hire and train new staff

  1. Make sure your payment processing machines are working properly.

As your business gets busier and lines get longer, the last thing you want is for slow fintech to hold up customers. Due to COVID-19, NFC payments (near field communication), contactless payments have become increasingly popular and you may want to replace your current payment processing equipment with an NFC payments device.

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  1. Optimize your website for holiday shoppers.

If your website loads slow, this could cause you to lose prospects. Be sure your website is up to date and optimized for smooth browsing. If you sell products online, run a test to make sure your shopping cart is working. You can also update your website with holiday images to better engage prospects.

  1. Cut expenses where you can.

The tips we’ve included so far have involved putting in several hours of time and in some cases money to make your holiday preparation work. But there is one easy way you can cut expenses and that’s with our Net Zero Processing Fees Program. With Net Zero, pay $0 on credit card processing. Contact us for an application or get more details on the program right here on our website.

How can we support you during your holiday preparation? Let’s chat.

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