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If your company is looking for a way to accept payments online, one type of solution we offer is online gateways. In this article, we highlight a Priority Payments Local online gateway, giving you insight into if it may be a good fit for your business.

What is an Online Payment Gateway?

An online payment gateway can simply be defined as a payment processing solution that provides merchants with the technology to accept credit card payments, accept debit card payments, and accept gift cards, like its name suggests – online. The ability to do so is offered by a payment gateway provider such as Priority Payment Systems Local. Every payment gateway offers a desktop solution and most offer a mobile app.

Priority Payments Local Payment Gateway Background

Our gateway has been around since 2004. The experts behind the product had an idea that payment systems could be better. Merchants needed excellent support, lower payment processing costs, and increasing security. And thus, solved these problems with our gateway.

Today, our online gateway:

  • Processes 22 billion dollars annually while continuing to grow.
  • Offers agile and innovative payment solutions.
  • Has payment solutions that are comprehensive and easy to use.

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What You Get With Our Online Gateway

Point of sale. Accept and deliver payments with or without a card. Set up user level permissions based on job function and log in, process transactions, then move onto the next customer.

EMV 2.0. An omni-channel solution for Level III transactions that uses a card-present solution with a keyboard emulation reader.

Mail and Phone (MOTO). Customer profile storage in the company’s PCI compliance database.

E-commerce. Developers get the tools they need to master the e-commerce space such as shopping carts, secure hosted solutions, developer friendly APIs, fraud tools, and more.

Mobile. Accept and view transactions on-the-go with full virtual terminal functionality, swiped and keyed sales tractions, a web application with reporting, email receipts, signature capture, a mobile encrypted card reader, and the ability to add invoice numbers. A mobile app is available to be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.

Why Consider Accepting Payments Online With Our Online Gateway

  1. Get paid fast.

You are busy running your business and don’t have time to wait around for your customers to pay you. Get paid fast with a payment link that you can send right to your customers. Simply set up a pay now button on your website or send it via email. The payment link solution gives customers accessibility to make payments on their own time and as a merchant, you’ll reduce the time you spend working on account receivables.

  1. Streamline payment workflows with electronic invoicing.

Instead of creating invoices, printing them out, putting them in the mail, and then following up with customers, use an electronic invoicing tool that’s simple to set up and use. Over the past decade, payments have evolved. Consumers expect fast and accessible payment solutions. And, as a business owner, you wear many hats – save time when you can.

Your payment processing is one of those business tasks that can easily be streamlined which can be done with fintech that closes the gaps. Customers don’t want to have to deal with paper checks and many will say they prefer to pay by credit card.

  1. Customer support is available.

Our award-winning 24/7 US based customer support team is here when you need us. If for any  reason you need support with your online gateway, just give us a call or send us an email.

online gateway support

At Priority Payments Local, we are proud to offer merchants online gateway solutions. To learn if our online gateway is right for your business, contact us. Merchants across the United States in a wide range of industries have made our online gateway their payment processing solution choice.

Marisa Sanfilippo
Marisa Sanfilippo
Marisa Sanfilippo is the Director of Marketing and Strategy for Priority Payments Systems Local, a payment processing company that is headquartered in Central, NJ. As part of her role, she educates merchants on the power of contactless payments, Net Zero Fee processing, and more.

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