What is American Express OptBlue?

What is American Express OptBlue?

As part of our service offerings, we provide merchants with access to American Express OptBlue.

What is OptBlue?

OptBlue allows one pricing construct from American Express, one single statement, one settlement process, and one contact for servicing.

Did you know American Express OptBue allows you to receive payments on the same day as all cards?

A pain for merchants in the past was that American Express worked on three day pay and Visa and MasterCard worked on one so American Express had to address this thus, OptBlue was born.

For more information on OptBlue, contact us: marketing@pplocal.com, 800-717-1250.


OptBlue is limited to U.S. Small Merchants that have an estimated American Express charge volume of less than $1M per year, and certain industry and franchise restrictions apply. Not all Merchants will qualify for same day funding.

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