Angelo Mendola, COO of Priority Payment Systems Local®, Appears on ‘Minding Your Business’ on News12+

Angelo Mendola, President and COO of Priority Payment Systems Local®, recently appeared on “Minding Your Business” on News 12+ with Bob Considine. During the interview, they delved into how Priority Payment Systems Local® is revolutionizing businesses by providing simpler and more cost-effective methods for collecting money and processing payments.

A decade ago, Angelo and his business partner Sal DiDonato ventured into the payment processing industry, recognizing the merchants’ need to save money and accept payments conveniently. Now in their 11th year, they boast a vast client base and an extensive network of resellers.

While Priority Payment Systems Local® caters to various industries, they have a strong focus on the automotive sector, serving over 1,000 rooftops. Their latest automotive product, Autolink, demonstrates this specialization, integrating with the largest dealer management software through their partnership with Dejavoo Systems. Originally conceived as a response to the pandemic, Autolink facilitates remote payments.

Driven by a commitment to addressing industry challenges, Priority Payment Systems Local® develops numerous Software as a Service (SaaS) products and collaborates with value-added resellers to offer innovative financial technology solutions. Angelo highlighted an upcoming product tailored for the medical industry, emphasizing its capability to seamlessly integrate with any medical software for billing purposes.

Distinguishing itself from traditional processors, Priority Payment Systems Local®’s has expanded its offerings to include Banking as a Service (BaaS), enabling businesses to manage payments comprehensively—from acceptance and storage to expenditure and borrowing. Angelo noted, “This closes the loop… those would usually be four different industries that would have to handle that for you. Priority Payments Local is now doing all four”.

Reflecting on their journey in the payment processing sector, Angelo expressed the gratification of building a business alongside a lifelong friend. He emphasized the transformative impact they’ve had on employees’ lives, stating, “Now we’re running at 100 MPH at the speed of trust.” Angelo remains resolute in Priority Payment Systems Local®’s mission to revolutionize the industry and financial payment processing landscape.

Watch the interview here.