Don’t Miss These Special Savings on e|tab!

Don’t Miss These Special Savings on e|tab!

In July we wrote all about e|tab, our online food and drink ordering platform. Now is the time to get e|tab for your restaurant with 100 percent of setup fees waived. This promotion ends at the end of this month.

As a reminder, e|tab is a compelling new option to meet the increasing demand for menu access and customer ordering convenience delivered via technology. Our web and mobile solutions allow customers to browse menus, make selections and pay for their orders through a brand-specific interface, accessible from anywhere. The e|tab kiosk accelerates brick and mortar business with “line-busting” and a streamlined ordering process, increasing total throughput. What’s more, these self-service options eliminate potential points of friction when placing orders and drive higher average ticket sales (and increased loyalty) as a result of the enhanced customer experience. Best of all: the setup and deployment process is fast and efficient, overseen by an attentive staff with real-world restaurant experience.

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