Considering How To Accept Credit Card Payments (Debit Cards Too)? We Can Help

For us here at Priority Payment Systems Local, it all begins with getting to know about your business including why you want to accept credit card payments and other types of cards. After a member of our Business Development Team learns about your business goals, they will be able to put a proposal together offering competitive payment processing rates and the payment tech that is going to be best for your unique business needs.

Accept Credit Cards and Debit Card Payments Quickly and Easily

Being able to accept credit card payments and debit card payments is easy and fast with our local payment processing company, Priority Payments Local. In most cases, we can get your account approved and up and running within two business days. Be sure to ask if your account qualifies to accept credit card payments on next day funding.

The documents we require to get you accepting credit cards are standard to the merchant services industry. Submit the following with your signed application:

  • A voided business check
  • A recent merchant statement
  • A copy of a recent bank statement
  • Non-profit companies only: Tax form or form that verifies your non-profit status

To Mindy’s surprise, her account was boarded, payments were processed, and funds were received within 24 hours. She was able to accept credit card payments quickly!

Watch Mindy’s Testimonial Video

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Credit Card Payment Processing We Offer, Accept Credit Card Payments

With our payment processing company, we went over that you will be able to accept credit card payments. You’ll also be able to accept:

  • Debit cards
  • Gift cards
  • Loyalty cards

Locations We Serve: USA Payment Processing

We currently serve every United State and have plans to expand to other countries in the future. Our merchants live and work mostly in all the United States. We have a heavy presence in:

  • New Jersey (where our headquarters is located)
  • New York, especially NYC
  • Florida (where our second office is located)

Learn more about our payment processing services in these states to accept credit card payments for your business:

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Accept Credit Card Payments

Prior to COVID-19, studies showed that credit card payments were on the rise. How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? Most consumers don’t have any! And now due to the pandemic, consumers are carrying even less cash.

accept credit cards nfc payments apple pay
Accept credit card payments via NFC payments Apple Pay.
  1. Card acceptance is safe, secure, and easy. Accepting credit card payments and debit card payments is safe, secure, and easy with Priority Payments Local. As part of our security processes, we provide you with education to keep your account secure with PCI compliance
  2. Consumers prefer to pay by card instead of cash. 80% of people in a study by Fundera stated that they prefer to pay with a card.
  3. Card transactions are higher than cash transactions. Fundera also found that the average cash transaction is $22 as opposed to the average non-cash transaction of $112.
  4. Cash is inconvenient for merchants and consumers. Merchants will need to carefully manage it and consumers don’t want to carry it.
  5. Accepting cards is cleaner. Cash is covered in germs. With NFC payments, merchants don’t need to touch payment methods at any time during a transaction.  
  6. Make more money. If you only accept cash, consumers who don’t carry cash or not much of it are limited to how much money they can spend on your products and services. Impulse buying or spending more than planned is easier for consumers when they can just swipe a card. As a result, your business makes more money.
  7. Tracking is helpful for budgeters. Consumers who are on a budget can more easily track their spending by reviewing their card statements every month to see exactly what they spent their money on.

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Why Choose Priority Payments Local for Credit Card Processing (and Other Card Processing Types)?

Just like your customers, we know you have options. When it comes to choosing a credit card processing company, it’s important to work with a payment processor and fintech company that is going to meet and exceed your needs. What does your list of needs look like? For many of the merchants we work with, their list includes excellent service, rates (also known as credit card processing fees), and payment tech.


We’ve had merchants tell us that the processors they worked with prior to us had non-existent service. When they needed to reach their payment processor, they couldn’t or it would take a while. In some cases, not being able to get in touch with your payment processor quickly can cost you money. Imagine if your business is a restaurant and your POS system stops working on a busy Saturday night? We had this happen to one our large restaurant merchants who was able to get in touch with our support team right away. Within no time, our support team was able to provide him with an alternative method to process payments until his POS system could be repaired two days later.

In a different case, a member from our business development team visited a retail merchant’s location to ensure business was operating as usual after a computer glitch caused his payment terminal to temporarily go down.

What This Retail Merchant Said About Our Service:

“The personalized part of it I like. If something goes wrong with my machines or there’s something I don’t like, I call [Priority Payments] and they have it straightened out within an hour. We had our credit card machine go down and it was not their fault, it was just a glitch in the computer and they fixed it right away. Not only did they fix it, Anthony stopped by to make sure everything was working and I had two technicians calling me on my cellphone. The person to person help I get from Priority is great. You can’t get that anywhere.” – Belford Seafood Co-Op, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Watch Belford’s Full Testimonial

Even more of our credit card processing company reviews can be found on our Google Reviews page.

Credit Card Processing Fees: Our Rates, Payment Processing Fees

Our competitive payment processing rates (credit card processing fees) ensure you get an excellent deal on your card processing. With our Net Zero program, you pay virtually $0 on card processing fees. Since you are new to card processing, you wouldn’t have experienced paying high fees. At your request, our Business Development Team can present you with a proposal that shows you what may have paid with a different processor. Our proposals also include traditional processing rates and Net Zero Processing Rates.

One merchant spoke about how we saved him $20K a year on card processing with Net Zero! What would you do with an extra 20K each year? For him, he planned on renovating his hair salon. We have saved some merchants even more money.

Watch Haircutter in the Meadow’s Testimonial

Payment Tech / FinTech, Accept Credit Card Payments

The third key component that you’ll need is fast, reliable, and secure payment tech (sometimes called fintech). Our team is made up of payment tech experts who can suggest which type of payment tech is best for your business. We offer a wide range of solutions such as:

  • POS systems (point of sale systems) – POS Clover is one of our most popular
  • Online gateways
  • Payment terminal machines – accept NFC payments or mobile payments

As part of your onboarding process, we’ll make sure you know how to use your fintech. Each of standalone payment terminals come with a detailed printed guide and virtual training is available. In addition, our POS systems and online gateways always come with a virtual training. Should you need further assistance, our support team can be reached by phone 24/7.

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Marisa Sanfilippo
Marisa Sanfilippo
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