With MX Invoice,our invoice app, you can quickly invoice customers, track statuses, and view the history of each invoice. Accepting credit card payments through the invoice app provides your customers with an easier way to pay, in turn making collecting funds smooth and simple. For more information, read on our contact us at 800-717-1250 or marketing@pplocal.com.

Invoice App, Invoice Customers

In the MX Invoice app you can setup new invoice defaults to make invoicing your customers effortless as well as customize your invoice information with a logo, header message, return policy, and more. Once you have your defaults and customization are complete, creating an invoice is as simple as selecting a customer, entering the line item detail, and clicking send.

Sending an invoice and receiving payments have never been easier. The option to accept credit card payments on a sent invoice makes collecting funds fast and hassle-free. Your customer is emailed a link to view their invoice, and given the option to pay with their credit card. The payment is automatically collected and your customer receives an emailed receipt at time of payment.

MX Invoice also tracks the history on each invoice and any outstanding balances; as payments are received the status of the invoice adjusts automatically.

Pulling reports and checking statuses are easily available. Filter your invoices based on your preferences and export only what matters to you or you can view outstanding receivables through the Receivable Aging report.


Set your billing on autopilot with the MX Invoice app and have more time to do what you love and spend less time trying to collect from your customers. Some of the main features within recurring billing are: manage multiple subscription plans, send your customers automatic reminders, manage individual pricing, and receive notifications on failed charges.

Gain better insight into cash flow with the Receivable Forecast report. This report is easy to use and understand, giving you a breakdown of your estimated receivables and actual receivables by customer for the time period selected.

Click play to see MX Invoice in action.

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