New Jersey has been the only home I have ever known and I’m proud to be from it! We get a little taste of everything here: the sandy beaches, beautiful hiking trails, fresh local fruit, and the list goes on. Whether you work and/or live in New Jersey or are just looking to visit, here are several things that make this state so great.


The beaches run along the entire coast of New Jersey, starting from Keansburg to Cape May. Ask any New Jerseyan and they will tell you: the beaches are the biggest attraction this state has to offer. The miles of well-maintained sandy beaches that run along the Atlantic Ocean attracts people from all over the country. These pristine beaches offer a sense of relaxation along with plenty of fun such as: beach volleyball courts, surfboard/paddleboard rentals, and so much more.


Photo Source: Wildwood, Long Beach Island

4 Seasons

New Jersey is one of the few states that has all four seasons. We experience real spring weather with April showers and May flowers. Summer days can feel like we live right next the equator but clear skies and breezy summer nights make it all worth it. Our fall weather is a combination of summer nights and winter days, not too hot but not too cold. Fall in New Jersey is the definition of flannel weather. Winter weather in New Jersey includes snowy days filled with sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate (if you are student, like me).


Photo Source: Winter, Spring, Fall


According to the New Jersey Pinelands is classified as a United States Biosphere Reserve and in 1978 was established as the country’s first National Reserve. The 1.1 million acre reserve stretches across seven counties and takes over 22% of New Jersey land area. It is home to dozens of plant and animal species as well as the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer system.


Photo Source: Pinelands MapPinelands Alliance

Easy Accessible Public Transportation

Traveling throughout New Jersey is convenient, despite rush hour traffic. We have plenty of train stations, bus stops, highways, and countryside streets. New Jersey Transit runs all throughout New Jersey every day of the week. It is the easiest way to get from one end of the state to the other. Having this public transportation service makes it easy for people to get to work, major attractions, etc.


Photo Source: NJ Transit Train, NJ Transit Bus

Small City Feels

Can’t handle the congestion and craziness of NYC? New Jersey has multiple towns and small cities that give off large city vibes such as: Red Bank, Jersey City, Hoboken, and Princeton. These parts of the state offer great restaurants, shopping, site-seeing opportunities, and a booming nightlife.


Photo Source: Red Bank, New Jersey, Hoboken, New Jersey, Jersey City, New Jersey


Farms are very common throughout New Jersey. At various farms you are able to do your own fruit picking of apples, blueberries, strawberries, and more. Since we experience all four seasons, we are able to get the best and freshest fruits throughout the year. Visit The Spruce for a full list of New Jersey’s seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Photo Source: NJ Future, Dimeo Farms


In the Garden State we also have a variety of mountains to not only hike but also ski and snowboard. Mountain Creek is one of the most popular mountains on the east coast. Mountain Creek is located in Vernon Township New Jersey and offers a variety of activities throughout the year. The mountain offers ski and snowboarding in the winter as well as zip lines, an adventure park, and even a water park during the other seasons. According to, Mt. Tammany located at the Delaware Water Gap offers 3.5 miles of great views and variations of trails to follow.


Photo Source: Mountain Creek, Delaware Water Gap

Always Something to Do

Atlantic City

Atlantic City offers a small scale Las Vegas atmosphere in southern New Jersey. Multiple hotels, casinos, and clubs are right at your fingertips. Entertainment ranges from shopping at the Tanger Outlets to playing casino games.


Photo Source: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Zoos & Aquariums

The Cape May Zoo is open year-round from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Admission into the park is completely free due to its high volume of donations. The zoo offers a wide variety of tours ranging from guided zoo tours to animal encounter tours as well as group or school tours.

Photo Source: Cape May Zoo

The Adventure Aquarium located in Camden, New Jersey has multiple under water attractions. In addition, it offers daily shows, a summer sea camp, animal encounters, and so much more. Host your next birthday party and even your wedding at the aquarium. Its schedule varies from day-to-day.

Photo Source: Adventure Aquarium 

Amusement Parks

Six Flags Great Adventure located in Jackson, New Jersey is home to the tallest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka. Six Flags is known for stretching the limit on fast, adrenaline pumping rides.


Photo Source: Six Flags

Water Parks

There are so many family-friendly water parks located in New Jersey: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Breakwater Beach, CoCo Key Water Resort, and Mountain Creek Waterpark are just a few.


Photo Source: Hurricane Harbor, Break Water Beach, Mountain Creek Water Park


Seaside, Point Pleasant and Wildwood boardwalks are a few of the biggest attractions New Jersey offers. These boardwalks include amusement rides, boardwalk games, and all different types of boardwalk food.


Photo Source: Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Wildwood

What;s your favorite thing about New Jersey?

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