MX Medical™ Webinar Recap / Priority University Continuing Education Series

MX Medical™ Webinar Recap / Priority University Continuing Education Series

In one of the latest Priority University Continuing Education Webinar Series, Jay Tibrewala reviews MX Medical™, our cloud-based medical payment acceptance solution, and discusses how it can help Healthcare Providers collect and record patient payments at the time of service, after the fact, or both.

Quick Recap / Did You Know?

  • The average deductible is nearly $2,000 and there are many patients who struggle to pay their bills. MX Medical provides a way to educate, inform, communicate and offer various payment options.
  • 91% of patients said it was important to know their financial responsibility prior to a provider visit. MX Medical gives providers the tools they need to provide better pricing transparency.
  • If a patient walks out without paying your likely rate of collection falls to 60% of the expected bill. MX Medical helps providers collect at the time of service.
  • 72% of patients prefer to pay their bills electronically. With the MX Medical ePay solution providers can dramatically improve collections by up to 10%, reduce internal costs up to $10 per online payment — all while reducing data entry errors.

MX Medical Review from Priority Payment Systems on Vimeo.

Click play to watch the full webinar and contact us for more information: 800-717-1250,

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