Online Ordering Helps Businesses Continue to Generate Revenue During COVID-19

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been.

Just two months ago I was out and about in Manhattan, New York City visiting museums, meeting up with friends, and taking advantage of the City’s hopping restaurant scene.

Today, like many of you, I have been sequestered from the outside world with the exception of taking my dog for walks within a mile radius of my apartment in Central, New Jersey (blocks from our payment processing and technology company).

My handwashing has become excessive, to say the least. Plus, the more I try not to touch my face, the more I find myself wanting to, so I often wear a scarf to cover my mouth and nose.

Encouraging thoughts such as “we are all in this together” and “this is only temporary” often spin around in my head.

My home — Red Bank, NJ — what is normally a bustling little town filled with cars honking, children laughing, and people sitting outside at the area’s restaurants (weather permitting), is now empty on most days all for the greater good of staying safe by staying inside.

On sunny or warm days I’d see joggers running up and down the main roads of Rt. 35 and Broad St., people walking, or kids running around at one of the area’s most popular destinations — Riverside Park. We may exchange smiles and they may tell me how cute my dog is. But today, the park is closed.

Today, some people are wearing masks to cover their face and as they approach you, avoid you by crossing the street or walking around you, as they should be doing during trying times. I wonder if being anti-social is where this world is headed.

Due to the town ordinance, most businesses are completely closed. As residents, we are just trying to stay sane by enjoying the fresh air.

To maintain a sense of normalcy and support our local businesses, my co-workers and I continue ordering food from some of our payment processing merchants. One of my personal favorites is the Nutella pizza from Pazzo MMX located on West Front St.

On a cloudy Friday afternoon when the town-wide mandate first went into effect stating that all non-essential businesses temporarily close, I stopped by Pazzo. As I approached Pazzo’s back door, I was greeted with a friendly face and smile from the manager who handed me my delicious pizza.

Just two weeks prior I was dining indoors at Pazzo as I normally had done a few times each month. On that particular night, I was with my mom and we eagerly enjoyed a meal together, awaiting the start of our play at Count Basie Center for the Arts, a popular local attraction.

That same friendly and familiar face that greeted me at the door with my Nutella pizza, checked in on us that night when I exclaimed, “I love the Nutella pizza!” (It’s amazing and you should check it out, by the way.)

As with Pazzo, many restaurants remain open for delivery and/or pickup. Online ordering is becoming the new norm.

While it still brings me great sadness to learn about the revenue businesses are losing and workers who are getting laid off, I know there is hope for a greater tomorrow.

In the meantime, we continue to do our best to survive and here at Priority Payments Local, wish the same for you.

While online ordering is not likely to bring you the kinds of numbers you would see on any given day or night for your business, it is helping businesses continue to generate revenue during Coronavirus (COVID-19) and in some cases, keep their doors open.

I have to say, even if I did not work for Priority Payments Local and instead had my own business, I would be one of the first people in line to sign up for e|tab online ordering.

e|tab: “Online Ordering for My Business” Made Easy

e|tab is a company that started back in 2013 (where it was headquartered then and is still headquartered in St. Louis, MO). In 2014, a partnership with Priority Payments was formed and in 2019 it became an official Priority product.

“It began as a kiosk offering similar to ‘Ziosk’ which are the tablets you see at Applebees, Chilis, etc. Business then pivoted to web-based online ordering and has been refining and enhancing the product since then,” said Greg Spatola, Director of Business Operations at e|tab.

“Our goal is being able to provide SMBs with the tools larger merchants have at a more affordable cost.”

Like many merchants, you work hard to create a brand your customers know and trust – now give them the convenience of immediate access to web and mobile ordering that enhances your business.

“Our goal is being able to provide SMBs with the tools larger merchants have at a more affordable cost.” – Greg Spatola, Director of Business Operations, e|tab

While online ordering is most popular in the restaurant industry, e|tab’s functionality enables a wide range of industries to participate. In wake of COVID-19, grocery stores, hardware shops, liquor stores, and medical supply shops, just to name a few, have joined the list of merchant product-based businesses that are benefiting from e|tab. 

e|tab Desktop Menu Example

Adobe’s analysis of eCommerce transactions found that purchases for cold, cough, and flu products have increased 198%, while online purchases for pain relievers increased 152%, according to one article. And as we all know, even toilet paper is being ordered online. In fact, purchases for toilet paper having had spiked by 186%, according to Adobe data.

What this data fails to mention is that your local pharmacies and office supplies stores should be offering online ordering. Office supply stores that typically only service businesses now need to be flexible by serving consumers; doing so is a major opportunity to generate revenue. If your product can be ordered online, it should be available to be ordered online.

e|tab Online Ordering Product Features

Whether your business is small, medium-sized, or large, offer your customers the same convivence big chains do without the high price tag and complicated setup.

Here’s what your business could be doing today with e|tab:

  • Accepting orders from any web-enabled device
  • Determining what your online ordering fee is to offset your costs
  • Receiving orders the way you want through email, text, tablet, or a printed receipt
  • Changing your menu daily
  • Getting your funds the next day

Business Online Ordering Product Demo

The best way for you to understand how e|tab works is with a product demo. Click play to view the demo.

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