MX™ Merchant is the future of integrated payment solutions - delivering a custom built ecosystem that our Merchant's absolutely love to use.

Process all forms of electronic payments (credit, debit and ACH) and get intuitive tools to help with billing and collections, sales tracking, eCommerce and customer engagement - all from a single source. The result? Maximized business efficiency and optimized consumer engagement.


View payments, customers, and customer composition on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime basis.


Get reference ID, transaction type, tender, amount, status, authorization code, customer, source, and date/time.


This section features order number, source, customer, total, order status, payment status, fulfillment status, and order date. Create new orders by selecting the “add order” button and filling in the form.


This section is for merchants who need to put customers on a program to bill automatically. Add their contract then select frequency: once, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Preview their status with: contract number, customer, frequency, date, plan, amount, status, and last billed.


Get access to add new invoices, invoice number, customer, total, status, invoice date, due date, and terms.


View your customers by name, type, status, promos, profile, city, state, zip code, contact name, customer number, and last activity.


Identify product name, collection, supplier, for sale status, quantity available, price, and last ordered.


This section is a powerhouse! Learn about reconciliations, transactions, chargebacks, ACH activity, profitability, product sales, and more.


The administrative side that features payments, customers, recipients, notification, team (add or manage members), compliance, invoice, and the list goes on.


The place to activate and de-activate a ton of great apps such as MX Invoice, MX Insights, ControlScan, e|tab, and more.