Point of Sale Systems (POS Systems) for Sale

If you’ve been looking for point of sale systems for sale (POS systems), you’ve come to the right place. Our payment processing company that’s headquartered in Central, NJ sells a wide variety of point of sale systems.

Below you’ll find a list of some of our most popular POS products, including the highly in-demand Clover POS that features a clean design. Point of sale systems are commonly used by food and retail businesses, but they are a versatile payment processing solution that can be used by other industries as well. Specific business types that have found point of sale systems to be helpful include but are not limited to:

1. Bakeries
2. Wedding services
3. Flight attendants
4. Beauty supply shops
5. Clothing stores

With your purchase of any of our payment processing solutions (traditional payment processing or Net Zero Fee payment processing), you'll get access to our award-winning 24/7 US-based merchant support team.

At any time during your point of sale system search process and after you’ve made your purchase, be sure to contact us with any questions you may have.

UNION POS: Point of Sale System for Restaurants

Serve more customers in less time with this easy, smart, and cost-effective POS system that features the following.

Mobile Payments
Allow customers to check out on their phones. Gain customer loyalty and save the planet with the UNION Tab mobile app.

Know Every Customer
See a customer’s top favorite items and staff notes on the screen with a swipe or dip of a card.

UNION POS point of sale system for restaurants

Faster and More Secure
Local area and cloud backup means no lag time. Work quickly even when the Internet is down.

Customize On-the-Fly
Merchants pay virtually $0 on card processing with our Net Zero Processing program.

Easy Net Zero Progressing Integration
Make menu and pricing changes from your mobile phone and voila! Every POS updates in seconds.

Modern Reporting
Customize any report and view them on any browser. Say “bye bye” to back-of-house servers.

POS System Clover, Restaurants and Retail

Clover POS point of sale system

Merchants love Clover’s design, how easy it is to use, and the in-depth features it offers: track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insight, and accept payments. Choose from four systems.

Clover Station
The largest and fastest point of sale system in restaurants and retail that Clover offers. Utilize our payment processing company with POS System Clover for the processing of credit cards and debits with speed, power, and reliability. As with all the payment technology we sell, you can depend on secure payment processing.

Clover Mini
The compact version of the Station. Small and lightweight but powerful. This version is ideal for small businesses or larger businesses that don’t have a lot of counter space but need to accept credit card payments or debit card payments. Get access to inventory, robust features, your staff, and more through an easy-use-to interface.

Clover Flex
Swipe, tap, dip, enter a pin and sign from anywhere with Wifi, on-the-go. Mobile payment acceptance has never been easier. Accept all payment types with the backing of a payment technology and credit card processor like us, run a tight ship with access to integrated EMV chip sensors, accept all payment types, and let your customers pay with NFC.

Clover Go
Tap, insert, swipe, and repeat straight from your smartphone. This is another great mobile credit card processor solution. Plus, it’s contactless allowing your customers to pay with nfc, has chip access for EMV, and swipe access, including Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay®.

RPOWER: POS System for Restaurants (Point of Sale System)

A niche POS system for restaurants, RPOWER offers real-time reporting, extensive customer relationship programs, countless integrations, and partnerships with online ordering and management services. This point of sale system can also be used for other types of businesses in the food and hospitality industries such as cafes, delis, and nightclubs.

Reporting and Analytics
Sync your reports with RPOWER’s accounting integration applications. RPOWER is compatible with an abundance of above-store management solutions, each with their own unique set of features and reporting. Filter each report to refine each report to better suit your needs. Then, easily export all reports in CSV, XLS, and PDF format. Connect to your reports 24/7 from any mobile device so you can monitor your restaurant even when you can’t physically be at it.

RPOWER point of sale system
Online Ordering
Enhance your customer’s restaurant experience by providing a simple and convenient way to place their orders. Your restaurant online ordering integration syncs directly with your RPOWER POS system to avoid any barriers between your customer orders and kitchen communication. Take things up a notch by crafting your own sophisticated online menus.

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere
Get access to fully compliant and integrated, customer-driven pay-at-the-table solution for accepting EMV, EMV pin, magnetic swipe, Apple Pay, and NFC for payments. Prefer to have your customers pay at the door on online? RPOWER checks off these boxes too.

TouchBistro: POS System for Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Food Trucks, & Breweries

Designed to make running your business easier and better, TouchBistro POS gives you more time to focus on why you opened your restaurant, bar, club, food truck, or brewery in the first place. Utilize the following features.

Tableside Ordering
Fulfill orders faster and more accurately, right at the table. Easily split, transfer, or merge checks.

TouchBistro point of sale system

Menu & Inventory Management
Completely customize your menus and always be in the know on inventory levels.

Multiple Integrated Payment Processors
Accept credit card, debit, cash, and mobile payments wherever you are.

Staff Management & Scheduling
Schedule, track, measure, and empower your staff.

Reporting & Analytics
Get critical reports available on any device, at anytime.

Loyalty Programs
Attract, engage, and reward loyal customers to drive revenue and improve customer service.