Pay Processing Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors

This October we are doing something a little different – pay processing to support breast cancer survivors, in partnership with Beautiful Self, the local non-profit that empowers survivors and stage IV fighters to thrive in their new self.

pay processing to support breast cancer

How this Pay Processing Partnership Works

Throughout the rest of the rest of the month, we will donate $5 to Beautiful Self for every new pay processing account that comes on board here at Priority Payments Systems Local. All merchants have to do to have their donation be made is sign up for our payment processing services during the month of October. Contact us for an application.

Why This Partnership Was Formed

If you have not had breast cancer, it’s likely you know someone who has been affected by it. Throughout the year, our company founders are constantly making donations to various charitable causes across the United States but in wake of COVID-19, we especially wanted to give an organization in our state of NJ some extra support. Every time a processing account comes in, our team will celebrate with a donation being made to a good cause.

When choosing a charity to partner with, how do you decide? I interviewed a few local charities to learn that they are all doing so many wonderful things; we wish we could help them every single one. At the end of the day, we chose Beautiful Self because this organization is doing something a little different, something that more survivors need.

About Beautiful Self: Turning Survivors Into Thrivers

Survivor Jillian Rezo and her best friend Michele Bonacorte, co-founders of the north Jersey non-profit understand the grueling process of a life impacted by breast cancer. Through personal experience, they witnessed the devastating effects breast cancer leaves behind, and so they set out to make a difference.

Feeling beautiful and being able to love yourself is considered a luxury to most women impacted by breast cancer. Beautiful Self, existing since 2015, is a unique therapeutic, transformational experience that peels back the layers of insecurities associated with this disease. The organization exposes self-love and acceptance by changing the perception of inner beauty and power. Beautiful Self also believes a woman’s self worth is essential to how she navigates and contributes to the world around her.


The Beautiful Self offers four programs to support survivors.

The Beautiful Self Diaries
This is a documentary series of a Beautiful Self session. The series offers a glimpse into the survivors’ experience with breast cancer and the metamorphosis that takes place during a Beautiful Self session. Each session includes brief, real, and relatable moments of empowerment, inspiration, and hope.

The Sexy Survivor Series
This program includes beauty segments featuring tips and tutorials with a mission to help empower any woman of adversity who is surviving breast cancer or is in the midst of treatment. Each episode is designed to educate, inspire, and provide women with a beauty destination while they suffer with the unique difficulties that come with self-image before and after treatment.

Outreach and Education
Beautiful Self’s social outreach is its primary method of interaction and engagement. Outreach includes: daily posts, videos, podcasts, and live interactive events that appear in social media feeds and on stories. Outreach is designed to increase the organization’s breast cancer support, awareness, and education.

The Beautiful Self Experience Timeline
After submitting an application and being accepted, survivors get a five hour session that includes costuming, cosmetics, coaching, sisterhood, beauty, and compassion. Applicants will then receive 50 to 100 digital images of their journey revealing their once again, beautiful self.

About the Founders

Bonacorte, left, has more than 20 years of experience as a fashion model and peels back layers of survivors’ doubt to reveal their exalted beauty. Her mission is to support a dormant spirit. Using specialized glamour photography, she captures the joyful emergence of self, while professing her artistic vision of the liberated face of cancer.

Rezo, right, is an internationally acclaimed beauty authority, creative director and makeup artist who has 30 years experience working with some of the biggest names and brands in the industry, and she’s also a breast cancer survivor. Rezo’s greatest desire is to empower any woman in need to rediscover their true and beautiful self.

Beautiful Self relies on donations to perform its services to its wait list of survivors and stage IV fighters. Due to COVID-19, the organization has become a destination of beauty, support, education and inspiration, virtually.

The Untold Narrative of Breast Cancer Survivors and How Beautiful Self Helps

After surviving breast cancer, Bonacorte and Rezo believe that women are forever different but that they are stronger and beautiful in ways they never thought possible.

To support Beautiful Self, make a donation directly on its website or join the Priority Payments Local Team. Contact us for an application.

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