Priority Payments Local Payment Processing Company in the News, 2020

It has been an exciting year here at our top payment processing company! In addition to launching a new fintech partnership and updating MX™ Merchant to integrate with QuickBooks, we have been featured by several news outlets. Each of these articles offers valuable information about payment processing and fintech. We encourage you to check them out and let us know what you think.

Choose NJ

Choose New Jersey is an organization that is privately funded for economic development, stimulating job creation and attracting capital investment to the Garden State.

In its April 27 article, writer Martin Daks wrote about how fintech services are evolving and expanding. In addition, he talked about the shape of things to come due to the COVID-19 economic shakeup.

The pandemic is shining a spotlight on fintechs, according to Angelo Mendola, president and chief operating officer at Priority Payments Local. The Red Bank-based payment technology and processing company has about 130 employees and contractors, is affiliated with Priority Technology Holdings, Inc., a publicly held company, and counts businesses like the law firm McCarter & English LLP among its customer base.

The new landscape is driving more people to digital platforms, and that could mean more growth for MX Express, a Priority Payments product that gives brick-and-mortar as well as online retailers the ability to accept digital credit card payments. “It’s like having a virtual cash register,” according to Mendola. “A consumer can pay for a purchase with their digital wallet, their smartphone or their smartwatch without having to swipe a physical credit card through a terminal and press terminal keys that could expose them to COVID-19.”

When Priority Payments Local set up McCarter & English with credit card processing, “There was very little I needed to do on our end to get the ball rolling,” according to a testimonial from the law firm’s accounts receivable finance projects manager. “Priority handled just about everything and the site is very user friendly. With our previous processor, it took two business days for us to receive funds — now we are receiving them the next business day.”

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iTech Post

This technology-centric publication offers insights and informative news on reviews, technology, auto, games, and culture with a focus on the newest tech trends in the USA.

Ernest Hamilton featured our payment processing company in his November 16 article on how to choose the best payment gateway provider.

If you’re thinking of setting up an e-commerce platform or already have an online store, you need a way to process customer payments. After all, you’re running a business and your customers need a safe, convenient, and easy-to-use payment system.

Long gone are the days where customers would only shop during store hours and merchants kept a physical record of their transactions or collect cash for payments. Today customers can make purchases from anywhere, anytime. To be able to accept electronic payments and authorize their transactions, you need a payment gateway.

A payment gateway is a service that allows for the processing and authorization of different forms of customer payments in brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce websites. It serves as a cash register for maintaining electronic payments and safeguards sensitive details concerning the transactions. 

“As your business looks into utilizing a payment gateway, it’s important to look beyond the gateway. Many gateways offer all the basic features you need to process payments online, but it’s equally as important to choose one from a payment processor that will be there to support you following setup,” says Angelo Mendola, President and COO of Priority Payment Systems Local. “Reliable and knowledgeable 24/7 support is key for online businesses that are forever open.” 

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Washington Post

Top publication Washington Post offers some of the most trusted news on politics, tech, world issues, business, sports, food, arts and entertainment, health, and more.

On November 18, Washington Post writer Rebecca Smith quoted Priority Payments Local COO Angelo Mendola in the National Jobs section.

The job market in a COVID-19 world is unpredictable. Just as employers and employees felt as if things were returning to the new normal, COVID case numbers have increased significantly. Total number of new cases in the U.S. have been on a steady rise since the beginning of October.

November 6th marked the highest number of new cases since the pandemic began, causing serious concern. The total COVID-19 case count for the U.S. is 10.1 million Americans with over 238,000 deaths.

Texas, California, Florida, New York, and Illinois are the top five states with the most COVID cases. 

The current rise in cases has definitely impacted the job market. Americans ready to return to work may need to stay home due to new pandemic restrictions for companies and local businesses.

However, not all industries are impacted. Ecommerce, for example, has shown resilience to COVID job market woes. Companies that support ecommerce are also seeing upticks in business, like software startups and payment processing companies.

“We have seen a big interest from brick and mortar companies to now offer online ordering. In addition, businesses that are still working with customers in person are adopting contactless payments as a safer way to accept and deliver payments,” said Angelo Mendola, President and COO of Priority Payment Systems Local.

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