Our payment processing company that’s headquartered in New Jersey just a short drive from NYC and Pennsylvania works with thousands of businesses across the United States. We’ve had the pleasure of extending credit card processing including other types of payment processing to the following merchants who endorse what some may say is a “best payment processing company.”

As we worked with these merchants to accept credit card payments, accept debit cards, and so on, you may find a common trend among their Priority Payments Local merchant services reviews: we offer excellent support, pricing, and fintech – three areas that are our main focus. Bottom line: we make accepting credit cards an easy, streamlined, fast, and secure process. Read on to learn exactly what several merchants had to say about our payment processing company through these payment processor reviews. For additional Priority Payments Local reviews visit our Google Reviews.


[2018, Traditional Processing] Priority Payments Local is amazing! Working with Priority has saved us thousands of dollars, not only in processing fees but in employee productivity. Whenever we need Priority, they respond immediately, offering the most professional and proficient support. They provide exceptional service, providing us with location training (for our 20 locations), helping with loss prevention, and maintaining credit card processing compliance. The relationship we have with Priority is essential in keeping our payment operations running smoothly. We are happy to recommend them as a trusted financial services provider. - Silvia Crociata, Vice President Accounting and Operations, BRAM Auto Group


[2018, Traditional Credit Card Processing] Mindy Scarlett, owner of Scarlett Consulting Group located in Union County, NJ, discusses her positive experience with Priority Payments Local, from how quick her account was boarded to how her funds were received within 24 hours.


[2016, Traditional Payment Processing] I am proud and honored to write this letter recommending Priority Payments Local. We were looking for a credit carding processing company that would have a web-based system that is easy to use, reports that were understandable, and to cut our processing fees substantially. Priority fit the bill! Their online [payment processing] system has been a joy to work with. The monthly reports are detailed and easy to understand. Bottom line, we cut our processing fees by 20% using Priority. The transfer to the Priority system went seamless and they helped us every step of the way. It’s an easy system to learn and train. Everyone at Nazareth that uses the system raves about it. Priority Payments Local was a great choice and we are happy to recommend it. -Gary Brasco, Development Director, Nazareth High School, Booklyn, New York


[2018, Traditional Payment Processing] When the Middletown, New Jersey (Monmouth County, Central, NJ) Police Department held a fundraiser, they sought out our payment processing. With our mobile swiper, they were able to accept mobile payments from their iPad. - Michael Heaton, Event Organizer, Middletown PBA Golf Outing


[2018, Traditional Payment Processing] I wanted to reach out and let you know that we started using Priority Payment Local this month, and have already seen great benefits. There was very little I needed to do on our end to get the ball rolling, Priority handled just about everything and the site is very user friendly. With our previous processor, it took two business days for us to receive funds, now we are receiving them the next business day! Those are just added benefits on top of the cost savings to the Firm! Marisa, Nadine and Angelo have all been a pleasure to work with. -Jeannine E. Keenan, A/R-Finance Projects Manager, McCarter & English, LLP, Credit Card Processing in Newark, NJ (Essex County)


[2017, Traditional Processing] Meghan, a volunteer with Monmouth County SPCAA located about an hour from Trenton, NJ, talks about how to accept credit card payments and debit card payments at your events and how processing them is simple with our payment technology company.


[2018, Net Zero Payment Processing] With the rising costs of labor and food as well as the tremendously increased use of credit cards and associated fees, it has become increasingly difficult for the restaurant business to maintain sustainability and profitability. I started this program approximately four weeks ago with the hope of doing away with the fees. Not only have the fees disappeared but my incidence of credit card usage has decreased by approximately 25% which translates into increased cash receipts. I would like to thank the Red Bank Office for the individual attention they gave me and my staff regarding the presentation of this program to my guests.

Utilization of the proper verbiage has led to almost non-existent "push-back" from my guests as well as increasing my profit margin. This program is essential for the continued success and existence of the restaurant business. I highly recommend Net Zero through Priority Payment Systems Local. When introducing new concepts to guests, it is extremely important that it be presented in the proper manner and that any tech support needed is there as necessary. Priority Payment Systems Local has exceeded all expectations. Thank you for a great [cash discounting] program and for enabling me to continue to keep my establishment going. -Adam Lener, Owner, Portabello Cafe, Staten Island, NY


[2020, Net Zero, Cash Discounting Payment Processing] David from Belford Seafood Co-Op located near Hazlet, Holmdel, and Keyport in Central, NJ talks about how his credit card processing fees were higher than his employees' salaries before he switched to our zero fee processing program. In addition, he notes that through working with our payment processing company to accept credit card payments he had been able to get a fintech glitch taken care of right away; his sales rep stopped by his retail business and two payment terminal machine experts were calling his cellphone to ensure his payment terminal machine was back up and running in no time.


[2019, Net Zero, Cash Discounting Payment Processing] Rob from Haircutter in the Meadow located in Northern, New Jersey (Hudson County) about 10 minutes outside of Manhattan, talks about how Net Zero is saving him $20,000 a year and comes with fast equipment that he’s happy with. Net Zero fee processing is a simple way to increase your business profit margins. Net Zero offers credit card processing for small businesses, medium sized businesses, and large businesses.

[2018, Traditional Processing] Alan Placer from Hobby Masters in Red Bank, New Jersey talks about how if he's had a problem, we've always sent someone to his store who arrives usually within 15 minutes. In addition, he says how his rates have been fabulous and can't find anyone more competitive.


[2018, Traditional Processing] Companies that sell credit card payment processing services constantly bombard us with telephone calls, promising to offer us the world. Over the years, we have given a few of them the chance to earn our business, but in the past, it was never worth it to move forward. It was different when we met Tom Lauro from Priority Payments. He took the time to get to know us and our business. After giving him the credit card statements, his team was able to show us a cost saving analysis. Between the money that Priority was able to save us and their easy-to-use technology presentation, we made the switch and have never looked back.

We have been using Priority Payments Local as our payment technology partner for over three years. That is truly what we have – a partnership with Priority. Tom has promised that his company offered excellent customer service, and that it was 24/7 and United States based, but we did not pay it much attention since everyone says they have excellent customer service, and then they do not deliver. The few times that we have had to contact Priority, we learned that they do indeed have excellent service and knowledgeable support teams- and it made a big difference. We highly recommend Priority Payments. Give them a chance to earn your business. They are the only company that we trust and can rely on to do our credit card payment processing. - Donna M. Marra, Publisher, Canarsie Courier

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