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Payment Processing Your Way

The cost of processing payments can add up. Save money with the payment processing options we offer. Choose from traditional or Net Zero processing.

Traditional Payment Processing Option

This is the standard way of processing payments and is likely how you currently process all your ACH, credit card, debit card, and gift card transactions. It has been around since the beginning of credit processing and works simply: you pay a payment processing company a portion of your transaction revenue on each transaction. A separate per transaction fee and other fees may apply.

Net Zero Processing Fees™ Payment Processing Options

Net Zero Processing Fees is Priority Payment Systems Local™'s cash discounting/surcharging program. Pay a $49 monthly program fee. In addition, some merchants will pay just a few dollars each month in interchange fees. This program is the cheapest way to process payments as it essentially eliminates your credit card processing fees that your customers will instead cover. Gas stations and businesses have been accepting credit cards this way for decades and it’s becoming the new norm across a variety of industries in the USA.

Cash Discount Option (True Cash Discount): A cash discount is given to customers when they pay with cash so they can opt-out of paying fees.

Surcharge Option: A fee is added to each transaction when customers pay for products or services with a credit card.

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