Payment Processing Marketing & CRM Features From Our Newest FinTech Partner

In last week’s blog post, we introduced our newest fintech partner Valor PayTech. As noted, when you’re seeking ways to streamline your business processes, updating your fintech to an integrated payment gateway such as Valor PayTech by Priority Payment Systems Local is one solution.

Our partnership with Valor PayTech goes beyond payment processing with award-winning customer service. Get access to the following features to help you market your business and manage it through a customer relationship management system (CRM).

Omni-Channel Gateway Payment Processing Marketing Features

SMS / Email Receipt Marketing

SMS text and email customer receipts created from a Valor terminal allow you to market your business on digital receipts or sell advertising space on receipts.

mobile payment processing

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Mobile Number Capturing and Advertising

At time of the transaction, you’ll have the ability to capture your customers’ mobile number to then create text marketing campaigns based on each customer’s spending habits and patterns.

mobile payment processing

Engage My Customer

View each customer’s total spending habits, lifetime spending habits, and hour of day spending habits (such as breakfast, lunch, dinner). This data can all be viewed in the Valor portal and you can create specific marketing material tailored to each customer.

Identify and market to:

  • VIP customers (your large spenders)
  • How many visits each customers makes to your shop
  • Shopping patterns. Group your customers by the hour of day they typically visit and market to them accordingly.

Opt Out Option

Engage My Customer is an additional feature that you have the option to opt out of.

You will still be able to:

  • See feedback from customers on transaction module
  • Use eInvoice
  • Send SMS receipts

You will NOT be able to:

  • See your customer database
  • Send SMS texts based on feedback or from Engage My Customer module
payment gateway payment processing

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Omni-Channel Gateway Payment Processing CRM Features

Merchant Facing Cloud Based User Friendly Dashboard

If your payment terminal machine stops working or is damaged, you’ll have full access to all transaction history.

cloud based payment gateway payment processing

eInvoice / SMS Payment Request

Send payment requests via SMS text using eInvoice for a truly contactless transaction perfect for social distancing practices. SMS payments are great for any business that uses a ticketed order system such as bakeries and butcher shops as well as MOTO businesses.

Bakeries and butcher shops can keep their orders moving seamlessly by eliminating customer waiting time at the register. MOTO businesses can save time and avoid PCI compliance issues since the card number is not handled by employees. As a result, your PCI risk is vastly reduced by eliminating the chance of having an employee copy a customer’s card information. Merchant advertising and the face rating system is implemented into eInvoice as well.

online invoicing payment gateway
online invoicing payment gateway

Customer card info is stored in Customer Information Module for faster transactions during future visits.

Merchants such as landscapers, contractors, and installation services can benefit from eInvoicing too. By sending customers invoices through SMS text messages, merchants save time by not having to constantly call customers and writing down card information every time they provide their services. Using eInvoicing is also a cheaper solution than MOTO / Card Not Present transactions as eInvoicing is recognized as an eCommerce transaction.

Merchant Facing

Remote Batch Out

There’s no more forced batches. If a terminal malfunctions, batches can be closed from the Valor portal. You can then batch out remotely from anywhere in the world and setup auto batches where you will receive your batch reports through email and on paper.

Additional Features

  • Can link multiple MIDs by 1 owner with multiple DBAs using a unique email address
  • Can label terminals (bar, restaurant, and outdoor seating)
  • Void and capture transactions from portal
  • Refund transactions from the portal
  • Edit parameters for tip, tax, receipt, split check, batch time and so on without having to call customer support
payment gateway remote batch

Cloud Based Receipt Storage

Download and print all copies of all sales receipts with each customer’s signature to successfully fight and win chargebacks.

Valor stores these sales receipts up to two years since transaction dates.

payment gateway cloud storage

For additional information, contact us.

Priority Payment Systems Local is proud to offer payment processing service and this new integrated payment gateway solutions to businesses across the United States.

We are always on the lookout for payment processing solutions that can better assist our merchants and offer an enormous hardware and gateway suite. Each solution has its perks, but unlike them, Valor PayTech offers an all-in-one-solution.

In addition to the features noted above, Valor PayTech solves two main problems for merchants.

1. Convenient tipping. The on-screen tips feature allows merchants to offer customers four different tipping options that are set and customized by them through the Valor Merchant Portal.

2. No more fees on tips adjustments. Allow a cash discount/surcharge percent to tip at a pay at the table environment via the VL110 model. What this means is that merchants don’t pay the payment processing fee on tips.

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“With our virtual terminals, merchants can apply non-cash adjustments to MOTO transactions and edit parameters for tip, tax, receipt, split checks, and batch times. E-invoicing offers merchants time and labor savings, such as the ability to auto-fill recurring customers’ payment information and to text payment links to customers in support of easy and convenient touchless payments,” said Gene Schenberg, Vice President of Sales for Valor.

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Marisa Sanfilippo
Marisa Sanfilippo
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