Personalized Inventory Management On-The-Go: MX Retail POS

Personalized Inventory Management On-The-Go: MX Retail POS

With MX Retail™ iOS, a retail point of sale (POS) system, you can manage product and variants, customers, collections, discounts, previous orders and settings along with scan items and receipts directly – all from the convenience of an iPad.


Group your products together into categories (known as collections) to make them easier to manage and easier for you to locate at time of checkout.


In the product settings you have the ability to automatically insert/create SKUs for each of your products, add and manage the tags you can associate with your inventory, and create custom fields to collect additional product data.

Your Retail Point of Sale

This is the POS system your shop deserves! With MX Retail iOS and the Heckler Design WindFall Box Set, you’ll have the software you need plus a beautiful assembly of cash drawer components designed to work and look great in your shop. Available in 4 colors:

Retail POS Colors




Customize Your Counter

Easily customize your counter by adding an optional receipt printer, bar code scanner or contactless chip reader.

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