Our financial technology (fintech) and payment processing company offers a wide range of products and services that are sold out of our Central, NJ headquarters. Below, we’ve included a summary of each of the products and services. For a detailed list of our best sellers, visit their prospective pages.

If you are like many business owners and don’t have time to review financial technology (fintech) and instead would rather have recommendations made to you, let us save you time – contact us to speak with a financial technology expert.

Priority Payments Local: Financial Technology (FinTech) Summary

MX™ Products: Integrated Payment Processing

MX is the future of integrated payment processing solutions that delivers a custom-built ecosystem that our merchants love. It was built and developed by the Priority Payments Systems team in Georgia and features everything you need to run a business via product rich apps. Learn more.

Partner Applications

We’ve partnered up with some of the best payment technology companies in the industries to bring you even more product and service offerings. Our partner applications include:

  • E|tab – restaurant and hospitality online and mobile ordering
  • ACH.com – manage and automate billing
  • ControlScan – your personal PCI compliance manager
  • Apple Pay Solutions – one option for utilizing near field communication (NFC payments)
  • Valutec – a gift card and loyalty card program

Payment Terminals

Payment terminals are the credit card processing machines that are most commonly seen in businesses across the world. They let you accept credit card payments along with debit card payments, and gift cards via tap, swipe, or NFC depending on the model.

pax s80 payment terminal machine, credit card terminal machine

Point of Sale Systems (POS Systems)

Point of sale system (POS systems) for sale are commonly seen in restaurants. They help businesses manage orders, inventory, receipts, staff, and more while performing functions that I can typically cash register performs but are more comparable to computers over cash registers. POS systems work through hardware and software and are powered through an Internet connection or a local server.

4 Types of POS Systems: Financial Technology

There’s a POS system for every business and the fourth type mentioned has grown in popularity.

  1. Cloud-based systems – data is stored in a remote location.
  2. Hybrid systems – works off cloud and local servers.
  3. Mobile POS systems – works off a smartphone or tablet.
  4. Traditional systems – all data is stored on the business’ local servers

5 Types of POS System Hardware

Depending on what your business sells, you may or may not need all but our third type of POS system hardware.

  1. Barcode scanner – commonly used among grocery stores.
  2. Cash drawer – if your business accepts cash, keep it safe with a cash drawer.
  3. Display screen – consider this the eyes of the point of sale system. Browse all your important menus.
  4. Payment terminal – an optional fintech addition for some POS systems.
  5. Receipt printer – this can also be optional depending on your POS system. Some systems offer an email and text receipt option, saving merchants money on financial technology equipment.
clover pos system for sale

POS system Clover, pictured, is among one of our merchant favorites in the POS for restaurant space. Come explore which others we recommend.

Payment Gateways: Accept Payments Online

Gateway solutions provide merchants with the flexibility of accepting no-touch payments, and for online businesses, is the only type of fintech that can be offered to accept and deliver safe and secure payments. The term “payment gateway” is also used in conjunction with other types of fintech. Our gateway solutions page is more geared toward fintech that offers the ability to accept payments online.

Merchant Funding

Sometimes not having cash for your business can break it. We offer a few different merchant funding options to help you get the cash you need to run your business.

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