Introducing: Priority Payment Local’s Newest FinTech Partner 

As you seek ways to streamline your business processes, updating your fintech to an integrated payment gateway is one solution. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Valor PayTech to offer that solution. Valor PayTech’s smart POS terminals coupled with our award-winning support are a win-win for merchants who need an all-in-one payment solution.

For Angelo Mendola, our president and chief operating officer, providing merchants with solutions that fit their unique business needs has been a priority.

“We are always on the lookout for payment processing solutions that can better assist our merchants and offer an enormous hardware and gateway suite. Each solution has its perks, but unlike them, Valor PayTech offers an all-in-one-solution,” he said.

With other Priority Payment Local’s payment terminal machines and payment gateways, running transactions and pulling reports involves using two separate products — a payment terminal machine and a payment gateway. Valor PayTech uses one system, much like with how payment processing is done on a point of sale system. Due to how Priority Payments seamlessly integrates with other solutions, most merchants do not realize there are two separate solutions. Valor PayTech is the all-in-one solution.

In addition, Valor Paytech, now on the Priority Payments Local platform, exclusively integrates merchants and customer transactions adding a loyalty experience while simultaneously enhancing Priority’s Net Zero product for a fully encompassing solution for every type of business.

“It’s a major win in an industry full of great products. We now offer all the best perks in one solution, added Mendola.”

Valor PayTech Payment Terminal Product Features

Dual MID’s Supported

Our terminals allow you to have traditional processing and cash discounting / surcharging on a single terminal. Seamlessly transition from cash discounting / surcharging to traditional processing by simply canceling the Non-Cash Charge / Surcharge on your Valor terminal during a transaction and entering a confirmation password. The terminal will automatically switch the MID when canceling the Non-Cash Charge / Surcharge. You’ll then pay the standard fee for accepting credit / debit cards under your traditional MID. Dual MID support gives you the ability to retain your customers who are not willing to pay the Non-Cash Charge / Surcharge. 

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Cash Discounting / Surcharge On Tip – VL110

You’ll have the ability to add a Cash Discount / Non-Cash Charge fee or Surcharge percent to tip at a Pay At The Table environment using the VL110. In a normal Cash Discount / Surcharge Pay At The Table environment, you would always pay the 4% Non-Cash Charge on all tipping. Valor PayTech eliminates that charge to the merchant.

Smart Tipping

On screen tip suggestions allow you to offer your customer for different custom tipping amount options set by the merchant through the Valor Portal. Smart tipping is also available on paper receipts.

Bill Splitting

Offer your customers the ability to split a bill up to five ways. This is ideal for a restaurant environment and any environment where tab splitting is essential. In a GPRS Pay At The Table environment, using the VL110, the server will enter the total amount of customers splitting the bill and give the customers the terminal to process their individual transactions.

In a desktop environment, using the VL100, the server will enter the total amount of customers splitting the bill and run the individual card transactions on their own. The terminals automatically split the transaction total evenly amongst the total amount of customers.

Server taps the arrow to determine the amount of customers splitting the bill up to five customers.

In a GPRS Pay At The Table environment, using the VL110, the customers will pay their individual total transactions until the total amount of customers is reached.

Paperless Signature / Receipt Option

Customers sign for their transactions on the terminal’s screen using their finger. After completing the transaction, customers have the option to receive their receipt as an SMS text receipt, email receipt, or a paper receipt. Since most customers opt for SMS text or email receipts, this creates a large reduction in paper costs for you.

A digital copy of all sales receipts with the customer’s signature are stored in your Valor portal. This is an amazing feature for fighting chargebacks!

Working in a fast paced environment, such as grocery stores, disable the phone number capture feature and even opt for paper receipts with no customer signature required.

You have the ability to add your own custom logo.

Built-In Customer Survey Module

At the time of transaction, the customer is prompted to choose a series of faces ranging from dissatisfied to very satisfied giving you the ability to know the overall experience the customer is having.

The Valor PayTech survey module is used on each transaction so you can determine at what points of the day customers are enjoying / not enjoying their experience the most; this gives you opportunity to help improve or reward your employees.

NFC Contactless Payments

Your, your employees, and your customers are kept safe by accepting contactless payments (NFC payments). Contactless payments allow you and your employees to process payments without having to physically touch the customer’s card. Our VL100 and VL110 terminals are equipped with a contactless payment option that can accept eWallet payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay.

Full Transaction Information Display

Terminals currently available on the market do not have enough space on their display screens to show the entire transaction information such as the total sale, tip, Non-Cash Charge, and tax lines. Valor has the ability to show all the transactional information for customers to see as well as add additional customized information.

Tip Reporting

Valor will send a tip report to you along with a settlement copy email. This report will contain the waiter’s id, table number, transaction amount, tip amount, non-cash charge, and if the non-cash charge was added to the tip or not, etc. at an individual transaction level. The Tip Amount breakdown and Server ID is used to inform the business owner / manager the amount a specific server is due.

Auto-Connection Failback Procedure

Our terminals will automatically transition between dial-up / ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G, or dial-up connections as a failback procedure if the owner’s standard connection fails.

You can override / manually change the way their terminals connect too. Simply tap the connection icon on the terminal and a drop down menu will appear. Choose one of the connection methods and the terminal connection will refresh to the chosen one.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for Wireless

Valor terminals contain a smaller application size than any other terminal on the market. Valor’s application size is only 250KB – 300KB compared to the current 2MB application size of our competitors.

A smaller application size means less data exchanged between the Valor terminal and your internet service provider. This gives you the ability to buy smaller data packages from your internet service provider, enabling you to cut costs every month.

Remote Key Injection: Allows you to automatically, quickly, and securely perform key injection directly at the point-of-sale.

Instant Deployment: No downtime to setup a terminal. Enter the EPI number on screen and the terminal is ready to use.

Paperless Option: Saves on paper cost and keeps terminal intact by reducing motor usage.

Signature Storage: Helps fight against Chargebacks.

Remote Diagnostics: Reduces swaps and eliminates the issue of loss of terminals

Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway Features

  • Takes care of your MOTO and eComm business
  • Recurring payment with 100% security – Card number is tokenized
  • Upload your own logo in the virtual terminal and POS terminals
  • Builds customer database automatically
  • Capture customer’s phone numbers or email address for future marketing
  • Auto-fills recurring customer’s card information when phone number is entered
  • Available on TSYS and FDR Omaha

E-Commerce / Shopping Cart Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway Features

  • The Valor gateway has all the features of current gateways available on the market built into one perfect system.
  • Real time risk monitoring and the ability to filter transactions
  • Omni-channel communication and support between the Valor POS, Virtual Terminal, eCommerce,
  • Mobile POS, and Android POS
  • Creates customer database for you to interact with your customers on an individual and group level Special routing logic to create product differentiation
  • Integrated TMS to manage physical POS system
  • Custom integrations and reporting based on your individual needs. 
  • SDK and API’s available
  • Ability to add a flat dollar convenience fee amount or percentage to eliminate merchants credit and debit card processing fees
  • Supports API for recurring payments

Value Added Merchant Services

POS Reliability

Decreased downtime / failure rate. A variety of POS devices are readily available so you can keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

Live View Transactions

Keep up with your business by viewing transactions live and on-the-go using your mobile devices.

Customer Analytics

Improve sales using data analytics including customer profiling, which gives you purchasing trends. Built in customer feedback service is also provided during transactions.

Transaction Efficiency

Less chargeback loses due to charge-slip archival system. Prevent losses due to missed tip adjust transactions.

Live View of Business

Monitor and review transactions as they happen at your convenience using your mobile device.

Ad Generated Revenue

Get the ability to cross sell by implementing advertisements on your physical and email receipts.

On-Us Routing

Eliminate authorization and miscellaneous credit card fees.

For more information, contact our sales team.  

Marisa Sanfilippo
Marisa Sanfilippo
Marisa is the marketing lead here at Priority Payments Local, an NJ based payment processing company, bringing you the latest company news and product education.

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