Payment Processing Company FL: Get to Know Priority Payments Local

Priority Payments Systems Local is proud to have a second home in southern Florida, Miami-Dade County. Get know more about our connection to Florida and how we can provide your FL business with the payment processing / credit card processing, NFC payments, point of sale systems, and more.

What is Priority Payments Local? Credit Card Processor

Founded in 2013, Priority Payments Systems Local or for short Priority Payments Local (Priority) is a payment processing company and fintech company that provides merchants with the services and equipment they need to accept and deliver payments. How payment processing works in short is: we facilitate each transaction to your bank (you the merchant) to get you your money.

Our type of company is sometimes called a credit card processor, credit card processing company, or a payment processor which are all accurate terms in the merchant services industry to describe what we do. When people think of payments, they typically think about accepting credit card payments or paying with credit card payments. Working with credit card payments is a popular aspect of our business but is just one type of payment we work with. Other popular types of payments include debit card acceptance, ACH payments, cash, and gift and loyalty programs. We also work with all major card brands such as American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.

accept credit card payments with Priority Payments Local
Accept credit card payments with Priority Payments Local. Image source: Unsplash

Payment processing companies mainly focus on areas around payment processing and we are experts in the merchant services industry. Unlike banks, we don’t offer checking accounts and savings accounts but we do offer a lending option in the form of merchant cash advances. We also work with several banks by providing payment processing services to their customers.

Our company was founded in New Jersey (a short drive from NYC) and a few years after opening our Monmouth County, NJ office we opened a second office in Miami, Florida. Our combined team between outside and inside reps consists of more than 200 people. Our main support and sales office is located in New Jersey, the state where we have about 25 percent of our sales reps. Our additional sales reps are located across the United States including in Florida. Outside of normal business hours, we offer 24/7 support out of Tennesse and Georgia.

Why Work With Our Fintech Company / Credit Card Processor?

Get paid with peace of mind and accept all forms of payment / accept credit card payments when you work with this top merchant account provider knowing:

  • Our customer support is so good that it has one an award year-over-year for the past several years.
  • That support is also available 24/7 out of the United States, as noted above.
  • We offer competitive rates.
  • If there’s a technical issue or any other issue, we’ll fix it quickly. Review our merchant testimonials.
  • Get access to some of the best payment technology in the market.

Paul Basile, a member of our payment processing sales team is smiling thinking about telling a merchant who recently signed up for a rate analysis that he will be saving him 40% on his credit card processing.

Understanding the Credit Card Processing Industry: Key Players Behind Payment Information

There are seven key players involved in making credit card processing work:

  1. The card associations such as AMEX and Discover.
  2. The issuing bank that provides cards to cardholders.
  3. The cardholder (customer) who uses cards to pay for goods and services.
  4. The merchant who provides those goods or services to customers.
  5. The sales agent who presents merchants with agreements that include pricing.
  6. The processor or the acquirer who facilitates transactions between merchants and cardholders.
  7. The member bank behind merchant accounts.

These key players come together to make payment processing work.

Card Processing Diagram & Details

how credit card processing works diagram

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Accept Credit Card Payments (& Debit Card Payments) in Florida with These Payment Processor Solutions

Whether you want to accept payments online or at your brick and mortar store, here are the payment processing solutions (payment technology) we offer that will enable you to do so.

Online Gateways (Payment Gateways)

Our top three online gateways (also known as payment gateways):

  1. MX Merchant
  2. Authorize.Net
  3. PayTrace, pictured
online gateway web banner
pos system clover
Merchants love POS System Clover. It looks great on a countertop and is easy to use. This is the Clover Station Pro model that takes smart terminal to a new level. Clover is available from our payment processing company FL.

POS Systems (Point of Sale Systems)

The POS systems we mostly recommend include:

  1. MX Retail – a popular POS system for retail
  2. POS System Clover, pictured
  3. UNION POS – ideal for high volume restaurants
  5. TouchBistro

Payment Terminals: Credit Card Machines for Sale

Accept NFC payments with many of the payment terminals we sell. Our merchant’s go-to payment terminals include:

  1. Dejavoo Z8
  2. FD (First Data) 130
  3. PAX S80
  4. Verifone VX520

If you need some help funding your business, inquire about our merchant cash advances. We also offer mobile payment solutions. Mobile payments from our payment processing company FL can work well with NFC payments.

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Frequently Asked Credit Card Processor Questions: Accepting Credit Card in Florida

How quickly does my account take to get up and running?

Approval typically takes up to two business days. If you choose to process payments with MX Merchant, upon approval, you can immediately start accepting credit cards and debit cards. POS systems can take between five and 10 days and online gateways can take one to two business days (we work directly with payment gateway providers to get you up and running quickly).

How do I get started working with your credit card processing company / payment processing company FL?

Contact us to speak to a sales rep who will send you an application. Return your signed application to our payment processing company FL with a:

  • Voided business check
  • Recent merchant statement
  • Recent bank statement
  • Non-profit companies only: Tax form or form that verifies your non-profit status
Davie, FL (Broward County) merchant Little Cuban Cafe raves about our payment processing company, FL.

What are the fees that your payment processing company FL charges?

Our payment processing fees vary from business to business but by processing on our Net Zero Processing Fees program you pay $0 dollars. Instead of providing merchants with a “one size fits all” pricing program, our pricing analysts will carefully evaluate your specific business practices to offer the most competitive rates for your industry. During the rate analysis, our team will analyze your business for interchange optimization, proper MCC/SIC coding, proper payment acceptance methods, and much more. Contact us for a complimentary rate analysis.

Credit Card Processing in FL: Locations We Serve

We provide payment processing services from northern FL to southern FL but some of the specific areas that we have the biggest presence in include mostly in and around these major Florida cities:

  • Miami
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Sarasota
  • Pensacola
payment processing in Miami FL
Our payment processing company FL is proud to help Florida merchants accept credit card payments. Picture source, Miami, FL, Unspash

Fun Facts: Florida

Did you know?

  1. Among all other United States, Florida takes the top spot for having the most golf courses.
  2. Residency rates are on the rise. About 1,000 people move to the state every day.
  3. Florida is the flattest state in America.
  4. The state’s office reptile is the alligator.
  5. Good news for people who can’t parallel park well – the Florida state drive test does not require it.
  6. Florida has 175 national parks. Some of the most popular parks are located in Key West (Dry Tortugas), Ochopee (Big Cypress National Reserve), Bradenton (De Soto National Memorial, Bradenton (Ft. Mantanzas National Monument), and Jacksonville (Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve)

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