On Sunday night our Priority Payments Local family attended the Mets vs. Dodgers game at Citi Field stadium in Queens, New York. It was a night filled with laughs, fun, friends, and family.

Our owners believe that with hard work, there needs to come fun and that it’s important for business teams to spend time together outside the office while maintaining a work/life balance.

It was the perfect summer night. A cool breeze ran past the bleachers. The sky was clear. The food was perfect; it was everything you would expect from a baseball game: hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts, popcorn, chips, and soda.

Our COO Angelo and his son Angelo Jr. enjoying some father and son time.

Angelo Jr. was amazed by the singing of the National Anthem.

Group shot!

Anthony Bonventre, Chief Credit Officer of Priority Payments Systems, John Priore, CEO of Priority Payments Systems, Angelo Mendola, our COO, and Angelo Jr., CEO in Training



















Unfortunately the Mets suffered a loss with the final score being Dodgers, 8 Mets, 0 but that didn’t keep us from having a great time. Our team was able to watch the game from a player’s point of view in the Honda Clubhouse. The clubhouse is located right next to the Mets bullpen. We also had a great view of the Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson. Being able to watch pitchers warm up and even be on TV was a great experience for all of us. Bringing our families together is something that brings us closer together as a team. We would like to thank our co-owners Angelo and Sal for an amazing night and unbelievable seats!

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