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Get Ready to Outwit Your Competition. With access to a growing database of over 95 billion transactions from nearly 2 billion card holders MX™ Insights distills Big Data into Actionable Insights about your customers and local competitors. MX™ Insights will help you identify your best customers, how they spend with competitors, and how much of their wallet share you’re seeing. Then direct you to others like them. MX™ Insights will also benchmark your company against up to 10 similar businesses in your area to help you outpace your competition.

MX™ Insights

Key Features

The MX™ Insights Enhanced dashboard measures business performance, customer loyalty, and reach, including:

Average Purchase
Average Visits
Average Spend per Customer
Average Spend
Days Between Visits
Repeat Customers
New Customers
Customer Segments

Sync Payment Data

Transact On the Go

Avoid Lost Sales

Lower Rates & Increase Revenue

Invoice, Track & Collect

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