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We are a unique electronic payments company that offers highly scalable and flexible payment technologies built to be exceptionally responsive to market needs. We don’t just deliver merchant services, we deliver merchant solutions. Learn more below or in our product guide.

At a Glance

MX Merchant

This is one of the most powerful payment platforms available and is a payments ecosystem that goes far beyond a traditional gateway. It comes standard with your merchant account and includes robust features such as: dashboard, virtual terminal, payments and batches, customers, reporting, and settings.

MX Merchant

MX Express

Transact on the go with MX Express. This product is ideal for merchants who don’t want to be stuck behind a register and need to be out and about while transacting. It’s an easy to use application that allows merchants to accept mobile card payments (with or without a card reader) with optional gratuity. It’s free to download from the iOS App Store and is fast to setup. Just like MX Merchant, it comes complete with the comprehensive transactional data that helps give merchants a clearer understanding of their business. Features include: payments and batches, taking payments, tips, and settings.

MX Invoice

Invoicing customers is integrated and effortless with MX Invoice. Invoice framework can be customized with a logo, header message, return policy, and more. This product makes sending invoices and receiving payments hassle free. How it works is: customers are emailed a link to view their invoice and are given the opportunity to pay with their credit card. Following, the payment is automatically collected and the customer receives an emailed receipt at the time of payment. At any time, track invoice history and view reports to gain insight into cash flow.

MX Developer

MX Developer is organized around the best architecture building style for cloud based APIs and is designed to have resource oriented, predictable, and easy to use HTTP response codes to host payments.

MX Retail

This comprehensive solution for retail businesses allows merchants to customize inventory with this product’s specialized management tools. It not only handles point of sales, but also handles the back office management and inventory from on-boarding to tracking and simple complex inventory.

MX Retail iOS

Our personalized inventory management solution on the go, MX Retail iOS allows merchants to manage product and variants, customers, collections, discounts, previous orders, and settings. In addition, merchants can scan items and receipts directly right from the convenience of an iPad.


This product ensures that purchasing and corporate card payment data is passed correctly in order to qualify at an optimal Level 2 and Level 3 interchange rate without any additional entry fields. (Level 3 is TSYS only.)


ControlScan is a marketplace app that provides business owners with the leading tools and support they need to analyze, remediate, and validate PCI compliance at an affordable rate.


Merchants looking to cut out the middleman and collect even more can benefit from It offers the most cost efficient electronic transactions for businesses, allowing them to easily streamline your accounting operations.

MX Insights

MX Insights is a marketer’s dream, offering smarter analytics to outwit the competition. Merchants get access to a growing database of over 95 billion transactions from nearly two billion card holders in order to distill big data into actionable insights about merchants’ customers and local competitors.

MX Medical

Transparent patient responsibility + flexible payment options = increased point of care revenue = what doctors get with MX Medical. Among its list of features, MX Medical provides patients with a clear estimation of their responsibility at the time of care and delivers simple payment options that help their medical practices collect more funds and avoid costly receivables.

MX Storefront

Stay connected with customers and help new customers find your business with ease. MX Storefront offers ecommerce functionality that accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover at launch. The storefront can be customized to represent each merchant’s unique color settings, text, and fonts.


uAccept is the most cost effective and innovative time and attendance system in the market offering a wide selection of functions including but not limited to: employee punch on time with no POS service interruption, track and manage employee time off, and run reports by employee, department, or company-wide reports.

Valutec Gift and Loyalty Cards

Our newest product offering – Valutec Gift and Loyalty Cards –help increase revenue. The gift cards come in 13 standard designs. Loyalty card programs enable merchants to have a competitive edge by providing the necessary tool to operate a comprehensive customer loyalty and rewards program.

merchant rewards program

Marketplace Apps

These apps give merchants the power to customize their platform to fit their specific business needs simply by downloading and installing our feature-rich product apps.


e|tab is a solution for placing orders on the go and works with a web-enabled device. In order to place their order, customers make a phone call to the online order site of merchants’ establishments, browse their menu, make their selections, and pay for their orders. With in store kiosks, customers can skip lines and place their orders in seconds.

Funding Options

Financing is available with American Express Merchant Financing and Priority Funding Placement Desk. Both are alternatives to traditional bank financing.

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